How to find a qualitative social media influencer

  • Ludmila Savina
Social media influencers don't necessarily have to be a blogger or celebrity. Any user of social networks with a large audience, which actively follows him can be the influencer.

But how to recognize high-quality social media influencers among the raging flow of social networks, which perfectly fit into your advertising campaign? Of course, they have many distinctive features. We'll tell three of the most basic.
Qualitative social media influencers have clearly defined interests, which they transmit on social networks. Beauty, fashion, technology, food — at first sight on influencer`s profile it becomes clear on what he specializes in and in what field is considered to be an expert.

Such influencers worry about their reputation and value about followers. They realize that a lot of people listen to their opinion, therefore, promote only those products in which they are confident.
@henry_do – Publicfast's influencer
True influencers control the quality of their content. Each of them has an individual style. If you don't notice advertising posts on influencer` social networks at once, then you have found a quality influencer.

The ability to write in an interesting and natural way — that is what distinguishes good influencers from those who just want to make some money. Advertising posts of high-quality influencers don't distract from the overall content and look very organically.
@frei_style – Publicfast's influencer
The number of followers and engagement rate
Hundreds of thousands or even a million of followers don't guarantee the quality of social media influencers. It`s important to consider how the audience responds to influencer` posts when you select them for the advertising campaign. View the number of followers (and/or friends) on accounts and compare it to the number of likes under posts.

For example, if the user has 50 thousand followers and the average number of likes is only a thousand, the influencer can`t be considered qualitative due to the low level of engagement. But if the influencer has only a thousand followers and about 400-500 likes — be sure that you find a real high-quality micro-influencer. True influencers always interact with their audience, ask questions and reply to comments.

Thanks to this increase not only the level of trust but also engagement. Thus, the interaction of "brand-audience" will establish faster and easier.
@crazycatladyldn – Publicfast's influencer

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