How to set a task for a social influencer

Ludmila Savina
If you don't want to fail your advertising campaign, you shouldn't neglect such an important thing as writing a brief. In fact, the correctly formulated brief is a key to success. Let's see what you should know about it.
First of all, the brief helps to create a right communication between brands and social media influencers. Second of all, the brief is not just a task for influencers, but also an indicator of adequacy. Even if you have the best brand in the world, but you set absolutely boring, inaccurate, stupid or very unspecific task, social influencers can simply refuse to cooperate with you. And they'll be right! After all, their goal is to benefit followers and to bring value to your product, and not just to advertise your brand.

And now a few simple rules that will help you to make your brief correct and to attract more influencers, which will unconditionally want to cooperate with you.

Firstly, the brief must contain a clearly formulated goal. You know why you're running this campaign, right? Surprise! Accordingly, the influencer should clearly know the task. For example: "We need to attract people to the event." Or "We need to raise awareness of the new product".
Secondly, brief should be specific and clear. I have for you a real example of not the most good brief. One of our clients described the task as follows: "Write about cheese". Um... what? Going back to the question of adequacy :) Never do so, please.

Brief should be written in a simple and understandable language. Once, the client asked us to pass on a three-page brief to the influencers, describing the brand's vision, history, positioning, and other things uninteresting to no one, unless the brand manager of the brand itself. We asked them to rewrite the text so that the child understands it. Or your grandma.
Furthermore, the brief should contain precise information about the brand. Who are you, what are you doing, for whom? What makes your product especially interesting and what force a consumer to buy it? But don't forget about the third paragraph).
Do not forget to specify hashtags or links. If you want the influencer to insert one of these elements into his text, please indicate this initially. Influencers, you know, are not seers (well, maybe some of them).

The brief should contain step by step instructions on what influencers have to do. Just believe me, it won't take a lot of time but will save you from further problems and dissatisfaction. For example: "Download the app. Study it. Make a post about your experiences on social networks, attach a photo or a video. Encourage followers to download the application".
And last but not least. Encourage influencers to ask you questions and offer ideas for the post. And be very attentive to these ideas, they can tell you a lot if you look wide enough.

Actually, that's all. As you can see, it's not so difficult and energy consuming. Nevertheless, it's very important. Brief is a foundation and start of your advertising campaign. And as everyone knows, a good beginning is half the success)