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How to Identify Influencers?
And How to Work with Them Once You Did It
Dasha Samoylenko
Digital influencers are people like you and me with one crucial difference. These people managed to gather large audience around them and win the followers trust with the help of high-quality content they share. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter – any social media platform that allows posting content regularly is good for reaching and attracting the audience.

Yet there is one thing to take into account – not everyone who has accumulated the huge audience can be considered the influencer. First of all, digital influencers are content creators which produce relevant and engaging textual or visual content and share it freely online. What is more important is the possibility to actually change someone's views, opinions, and even behavior.
How to recognize a true influencer? Under his/her posts you can read something like "you've changed my attitude to motherhood" or "I also want to quit my job and travel around Asia." Influencer marketing uses this trust and confidence people put into influencers and creates a meaningful connection to them.
We all know that meaningful connection is the basis of strong relationships (converted into loyalty).
Social media influencers and their niches
Marketers who just learned about the possibilities of influencer marketing feel like Alice in a Wonderland sometimes. There are so many content creators, they all are so different. How to choose the right one? How to build strong relationships? First of all, let's speak about the niche.

Digital influencers create the content in a specific niche of their choice. Some influencers share with content dedicated to traveling: blog posts from exotic countries, videos from lost and abandoned places, interviews with strangers from villages lost deep in jungles. They are called travel influencers and they often cooperate with clothes brands or travel agencies.

Others become fashion or beauty influencers and share with insights on makeup, clothes, and style. They boil interest in the fashion industry and point to the most important and actual trends. They teach people how to dress properly and how to look awesome in any situation that is why fashions and beauty influencers have thousands or millions of followers. They often cooperate with companies that produce cosmetics, clothes, jewelry.
There are content creators who share their personal family stories: they give life hacks on how to raise kids and maintain stable romantic relationships. They show the inside out of their daily lives and share the most intimate moments. That is why companies that produce products for kids or home appliances choose to reach their target audience through these influencers often. And that is the right choice! But why do people need social media influencers?
Hunger for the information. Followers and subscribers fall for social media influencers because they want to consume the information they are interested in seeing the lives of others in on the one hand. On the other hand, following influencers helps to shape followers' identity as well: by commenting, reacting or sharing influencers' posts followers show others their goals and their tastes.

This old proverb "tell me who your friends are and I will show you who you are" can be transformed into "show me what content creators you follow and I will tell you who you are"

Influencers are modern idols: if you want to show everyone that you dig the fashion, of course, you must follow the Victoria Secret models on Instagram. Simple as that.
Being a part of the tribe. We all want to be a part of some tribe, this need is wired in our psyche. Internet serves as the ultimate platform for connection today that is why it's no wonder we find our tribe here. There are fashion tribes, travel tribes, even geek tribes.

People join tribes subconsciously, and the richest companies form the tribes of their followers themselves. Look at Apple: every single person with MacBook feels included into the tribe of like-minded people. And feels happy!
Identification. And the age of the Internet and technologies people aim to find identity themselves with someone more powerful and attractive to understand themselves better. Yet in reality, followers associate themselves more with niche-specific content rather than with influencers themselves that is why content gains primary importance for those who have problems with identifying social media influencers.

There are several types of digital influencers: social media influencers who post their updates on social media and bloggers who have their own blogs. Is there is a huge difference between these two types of influencers? Let's see.
What does digital influencer do?
Social media influencers, as well as bloggers, do the same thing: they provide followers with updated content regularly. The only thing that makes them different is the means that they use for that.

Today social media influences seem to generate more hype because of incredible social networks reach. Only Facebook connects 2 bln people which means that almost 27% of the planet population is connected online. Social media influencers spice up the boring lives of millions of followers delivering interesting content, a good laugh, high-quality photos and videos regularly.
Regularity is the key to success of all content creators.
People wanted bread and circuses centuries ago, and they still want bread and circuses today. The more the better. Social media influencers can provide them with circuses at any moment of the day. If you think that influencer marketing will wear off soon, you should think twice. As long as people tell and listen to stories ( and they do it from the times they've learned to pronounce first words), they will need content creators.
How to identify digital influencers?
Identifying social media influencers is a challenging and interesting task at the same time, and to succeed in it brands involve companies which work with influencers instead of doing it themselves.

Why? Because searching for influencers on the influencer marketing platform saves a lot of time and efforts. After all, when you want to catch a big fish you ride into the ocean. Cooperation with influencers via influencer marketing platform also guarantees the return of investments. It is also possible to perform complex searches of influencers and it is definitely much more reliable compared to finding influencers without any external help.

There are influencer marketing platforms where social media influencers are collected together and are ready to cooperate with brands eagerly. On this platform, it is easy to choose the right influencer and start an influencer campaign. But how to choose the right platform if some of them offer similar benefits:
    • Quality of the database. Companies that start identifying social media influencers should have some choice. The choice often depends on the number of influencers. But quality, in this case, is much more important than quantity. It means that the best influencer marketing platforms can boast with a big number of influencers each of them is accessible and reliable.
    • Search possibilities. The second important feature of effective influencer marketing platforms is search possibilities. If your brand can use filters to find influencers of your choice, if you can use various keywords in a search, it means that the platform is really working. And it's working for you.
    • Influencers profiles. However, to build an effective influencer marketing platform, it's important to create influencers profiles effectively. Brands must be able to see the historical layout of their posts and the results these posts produce ( likes, shares, engagement rates). Companies should check if they are capable of seeing all this information freely and navigating through the platform intuitively. Contacting influencers must also be easy and comfortable for brands first of all.
    • Actionability and scalability of the results. Contacting and scaling influencers is a great plus for a company. It's even better if you have lists of influencers and you can manage these lists easily
    • Effective communication with the team. Communication is the core of cooperation
      Influencers have a superpower over their target audience. They are capable of changing opinions, views, and even behavior of their followers. Influencers share with their personal stories and in exchange their receive trust and confidence of followers.

      Companies that want to a build a strong relationship and communication with their customers should use influencers as mediators. Influencers can include brands in their stories naturally.
      Identify the most appropriate influencers
      and create a campaign with them
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