What is Influencer Marketing and 5 Reasons Why it Works

Discover how you can benefit from influencers marketing and why so many companies use it in their advertising activities
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Every day we see lots of advertising. It surrounds us literally everywhere, so, there's no wonder people are trying to avoid ads and ignore annoying calls to action. But business needs promotion, and that's why companies need to find new and more natural ways to attract people's attention.

Influencer marketing is what really works nowadays. It's not that when a celebrity acts in a commercial. It's when an opinion leader tells their followers about something they could be really interested in.

According to the recent influencer marketing statistics, 60% of consumers make their purchases due to recommendations on social networks. Impressive, isn't it?

What Is Influencer Marketing?

An influencer is a person who actively uses social platforms and has a certain scope of interests. They may be bloggers, journalists, celebrities, or other people that have a big number of followers

So, influencer marketing is a type of advertising where a brands' promotion is maintained with the help of people who have influence in social networks.

Using influencer marketing you can achieve such goals, as:
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • growing loyalty;
  • creating unique content;
  • attracting a new audience;
  • getting honest feedback.

What Types of Influencers Are There?

There are 3 main types of influencers:

  • Micro-influencers (less than 10K followers)
  • Macro-influencers (10K-1M followers)
  • Mega-influencers (more than 1M followers)

The main thing that goes in favor of influencer marketing is that bloggers are not just people, who strictly implement the task. Influencers are the best content creators. With their help, you can run a campaign in a very innovative and unusual way. Let's look, how and why this type of advertising works.

5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Works

1.Consumers Trust Influencers

Trust is one of the most essential things to make any campaigns successful. It's better and easier for people to buy new products or services when you see that other people use it, especially tho ones whom you trust.

Influencer marketing is a visual demonstration of how it works. According to the research, 88% of consumers trust online recommendations as much as personal ones, and this is proved by high ROIs.

2. Influencers Create Quality Content

Influencers are people who definitely know how to win the attention of their audience. So, don't even need to think of how it would be better to present your product, service or event to the audience. Content creators will make everything on their own based on their practical experience and reveal your product in the best possible way.

And you know what? Working with different Influencers, you will get a bunch of new effective approaches for advertising. A nice bonus, right?
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3. Influencer Marketing Doesn't Suffer from Ads Blocking

According to PageFair, 615 million people use Adblock apps. But people can't block a bloggers' post, even if it has a promotional nature. Moreover, they won't even think of that — because influencer's posts are interesting to them. They will read, discuss, and engage.

And it's one hugest advantages of influencer marketing.
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4. Influencer Marketing Will Give You Precious Insights about Your Consumers and Their Needs

When you cooperate with content creators, you always get feedback in the form of users' likes, shares, and comments. Sometimes, influencers may give you their own tips and insights for better future cooperation.

And this his may be extremely beneficial for a business. Instead of spending tons of time and money for getting the actual market feedback, here you get it instantly. You will see what people really think about your product, its features, pros, and cons — and use these insights for marketing, sales, and product development.

5. Influencer Marketing Can be Easily Automated

The Publicfast influencer marketing platform is one of the easiest ways to automate your efforts and maximize the results of your campaigns.

Here are some of the main benefits:
  • The platform helps you to easily find proper influencers which have the audience you need.
  • You get all the information and can filter the search by different categories, such as topic, country, age, sex, etc.
  • You can instantly see the influencers' scores and engagement rates to choose the best ones.
  • Launching a campaign will take you just a couple of minutes.
  • And at the end of a campaign, you will receive comprehensive analytics.
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