How to Become a Social Media Influencer

Step by step guide for active social media users who want to become professional content creators and monetize their efforts
Do You Want to Become a Social Media Influencer?
Social media influencers are really powerful nowadays. They are not just people who create online content, they are people who lead. They tell other people what to buy, what to dress, and where to travel. Their posts may dramatically promote — or obstruct if negative — a company's marketing efforts. So...

Who Is a Social Media Influencer?

A social media influencer is a person who has earned a reputation in a particular topic and has a corresponding audience in one or several social networks.

An influencer doesn't necessarily need to have a huge audience. It's not even necessary that they are a professional in a chosen industry. But they must have an impact on their audience.

What Types of Social Media Influencers Are There?

Social media influencers may be conditionally divided into four main groups:
  • Celebrities with more than 1 million followers
  • Macro-influencers with 500,000 to 1 million followers
  • Middle influencers with 100,000 to 500,000 followers
  • Micro-influencers with 1,000 to 100,000 followers

Is There Any Sense to Be a Micro-Influencer?

It might seem quite obvious: the more followers, the better. And the brands should have been interested in cooperation with celebrities and micro-influencers much more than with people who don't have so much audience. Right? Not really.

Micro-influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular, and that's not only because of the price. Actually, even famous brands use micro-influencers in their campaigns. The reason is engagement — the percentage of people that may potentially see the post and react.

The smaller is the audience, the higher is engagement. In other words, out of all the millions of a celebrity's followers, only a tiny percentage are those who really read them regularly.

Here' an illustration of this principle. And that's why a good micro-influencer may be more in demand than people with bigger profiles.
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How to Become an Influencer
and Get Paid for Your Posts?

Let's be honest, it's not as easy as pie, but it's worth the effort. Being a social media influencer is a real chance to get paid for what you love.

So, what are the steps?

1. Determine the niche of your expertise

What are you really good at? This maybe your professional area (e.g., design, marketing, or medicine) or an area of your personal interest (e.g., beauty, traveling, or healthy lifestyle).

Of course, it's easier if you have one sphere where you are both passionate and professional. Then you can share your methods, results, and other interesting information right away.

But even if not, it's still possible. Many people around you are doing their first steps in the same area, and you can do it together. You can demonstrate how you learn a topic, show your first results and progress — and over time more and more people will consider you an expert.

2. Set up your social media accounts

After identifying your niche you should select social networks where you are going to become an influencer.

It's better to start with only 1-2 social networks because even one profile will require lots of effort for promotion.

Another advice is to choose a platform that you know and use most. It will be technically easier to develop your profile if you understand how does the social network work.

3. Know your audience

You must know your audience really well. Feel what they like and dislike, predict their reactions and create posts that will have lots of engagement (likes, comments, reposts).

Again, it's good if you already have an audience that you know well and have access to. Then you just do it.

If not, you need to learn and experiment. You need to use different approaches, check different post formats and tones of voice, and chose the ones that work best.
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4. Create quality content

Style and grammar don't matter much when you use social networks just for personal purposes. But they are critical when it goes to the commercial approach.

Influencers have an impact on a brand's image. It means that a brand will choose the ones who correspond.

That's why your posts have to be of high quality.
  • All of your posts should be meaningful (even the ones you write “just for fun").
  • Texts should be grammatically correct.
  • Photos and videos should be with good lightning and resolution, etc.

It's cool if you get likes posting a selfie. But if you want to become a real influencer and work with brands, you should create content that meets at least one of the points below:
  • It useful or gives value
  • It inspires people to action
  • It reminds them that life is short
  • It reminds that dreams may come true
  • It makes you smile or laugh (or even cry)
  • It reminds about the things that really matter
  • It gives a fresh point of view on common things

5. Enjoy what you do

Last but not least. Don't be too serious. Do what makes you fun and put your soul into what you create. That's the most powerful and engaging thing because people can feel emotions even behind the screens.

How to Start Making Money Being an Influencer?

Ok, now you have a cool account with tons of awesome content and an active audience. What's next?

There are three main options to inform brands that you are ready to work with them.

1. Tell them that you are ready for cooperation in your social media profiles

It’s often practiced among macro-influencers, but it’s not the most successful option for beginners. Why? Well, your audience may not be thrilled with this move. In other words, it may decrease their trust.

2. Contact your favorite brands and offer them to work together

If you are patient enough, you can contact brands directly or write to the advertising agencies who use influencer marketing. Yes, you may receive much refuse, but on the other hand, some of them may agree.

Moreover, after the first several conversations you will get more understanding what are they looking for — and thus you'll be able to improve your profile to make it a better fit. So, anyway, it's a good practice.

3. Register on a platform where brands are looking for influencers

Practically, it's the easiest way. You register on the platform. You fill in the profile. And just wait for the proposals.
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