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Why influencer marketing works?
5 reasons
Every day we see a lot of advertising. It surrounds us everywhere. People don't like it and frequently just ignore traditional advertising. Therefore brands should always find and try new ways of promotion. Something that has worked yesterday, won't work tomorrow. But not in the case of influencer marketing because it doesn't surrender its position for a long time. It's quite powerful and compelling way of promotion.

According to the recent influencer marketing statistics, 60% of consumers make their purchases due to recommendations on social networks.
What is influencer marketing

It's a type of advertising that involves the brands' promotion with influencers' help. You can not only promote products but also services and events. Using influencer marketing you can achieve such goals:

  • increase brand awareness;
  • grow loyalty;
  • create a unique content;
  • attract a new audience;
  • get an honest feedback.

An influencer is a person who actively uses social platforms and has a certain category of interests. It can be bloggers, journalists, celebrities or other public persons. They have a big number of followers, which appreciate their advice. There are 3 main types of influencers:

  • Micro-influencers (less than 10K followers)
  • Macro-influencers (10K-1M followers)
  • Mega-influencers (more than 1M followers)
The main thing that goes in favor of influencer marketing is that bloggers are not just people, who strictly implement the task. Influencers are the best content creators. With their help, you can run a campaign in very innovative and unusual way. Let's look, how and why this type of advertising works.


It's not a secret to anyone that trust is one of the most important and essential things in our world. Influencer marketing is a visual demonstration of how consumer`s trust can affect the success of the campaign. It's better and easier to make purchases when you really confident about the product or you see that many people use it. Especially when it comes to new goods or services. Brands should assure consumers that their products worth people attention. The main task is to ensure that your product stands out from other existing brands. You can easily achieve it by the cooperation with content creators because 74% of consumers make their purchase according to their recommendation.

Good content

Influencers are like a creators team. You don't even need to think of how it would be better to present your product/service to your target audience. Content creators make everything on their own. They know their audience exactly: what is their preference and how they react to different posts. Due to this they can easily find the approach to followers and reveal your product in the best possible way.

No adblockers

According to the PageFair, 615 million people use Adblock apps. But people can't block bloggers' post, even if it has promotional nature. You can be sure that people see advertising post in the creators' profile and may be interested in your product or service. It's one more huge plus of influencer marketing.

Insights of consumers needs

When you cooperate with content creators you always get a feedback. Through the comments under influencers' posts with your product/service, you can get a benefit. You'll see what people think about your product, what they want to change or add. Firstly, you can answer to consumers comments. This will show that you really value their opinions and present the brand on the good side. Secondly, you get a useful information through this comments. With it, you can improve your product/service according to consumers' wishes.

Automated process

The development of influencer marketing held to the appearance of different automatization tools. For example, influencer marketing platforms are one of the most convenient ways of collaboration with bloggers. It helps to create campaigns very quickly without a big waste of time and resources. Influencer marketing platform provides you with full information about all creators. You can choose different categories, country, sex, and age of influencers. Besides, there you can see their score and engagement of their audience. One more positive side of using such platforms is that you can see a clear analytics at the end of the campaign.
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