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Influencers superpower

Ludmila Savina
Influencer sounds proud. Sometimes you can even imagine yourself as a superhero with an important mission: when you recommend qualitative products you help people to get rid of choice torment in the world of brand's abundance. Blogging opens new horizons and can greatly change your life.

Let's figure out more detailed what you can get when becoming a good blogger and real influencer in your niche.
Freedom of action
An influencer is his/her own boss. No one tells you how to create posts. No one limits you, and what is more important, no one interferes with your creative process. Of course, if you are naturally forgetful, it's better to find an assistant. But even so, you'll have a freedom of action. You independently decide how to maintain your profile, which brand is worth cooperating with, and which is not.
Free brand products and event visits
When you become an influencer, you can forget about buying many things and the paid using different services. If you are a really cool influencer, you won't only get free brands products but also money for advertising. In addition, you'll get the opportunity to attend various blogging conferences, TV projects, photo shoots, the coolest parties, festivals, and presentations. Influencers are welcome guests everywhere because the audience follows them.

But there is more. Sometimes well-known brands arrange away events with influencers. Thus, you can not only cooperate with brands but also travel and make new friends.

For example, the cosmetic brand Tarte made a trip to Costa Rica for popular bloggers in order to raise awareness about its new products. Cool, isn't it? Bloggers just had to make posts with brands mention. Some of them shared moments from this trip in their Instagram feeds or stories. Others published videos on their YouTube channels.
The opportunity to become a brand ambassador
Almost everyone has a favorite brand, which doesn't change for many years. Buying identical products of another brand is like a betrayal. For many people shooting in the commercial of a favorite brand is nothing but a fairytale. But not for influencers. If you have an active audience, you are a true fan of the brand, know the history of its creation and fit into its concept, you can not just advertise it, but also become an ambassador. This automatically provides the possibility to get all brand's novelties and attend all their events.
The ability to create products with the brand
Brands ensured that the audience has enormous trust in influencers advice a long time ago. Thus, they figured out how to use it with even greater benefit. Some brands began not just to make a promotion on influencers profiles, but also offer them to collectively release a product. As, for example, recently made a cosmetic brand BECCA: they created a body oil with the popular model and influencer Chrissy Teigen.
The ability to create content for a brand
Earlier most people thought that its very easy to be a blogger and you just need to hold the camera in your hands for it. But this myth is no longer relevant. Successful and high-quality bloggers sometimes know better than SMM managers how to create a content strategy, attract the audience and customize the advertising. Today blogging is not just the way to get an additional income. It's a separate profession. Every good blogger can turn his/her hobbies into work and become a content creator for official brands pages.
Useful contacts
Blogging helps to change and unburden yourself. It erases frames and makes it easier to meet new people. Thanks to this, you can not only increase your social circle and learn something new but also get new followers. For example, you can offer another blogger a mutual PR: you publish a post or stories and mention his/her profile. In turn, he/she do the same with the information about your profile. And you both profit from it.
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