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11 ideas for posts to increase the audience engagement

Ludmila Savina
Your followers are waiting for a new post but you still cannot decide what to publish? Don't panic. Everybody was in such a situation. And if earlier the best variant, in this case, was to make a post with a cute kitten or funny picture now this trick won't work. The audience becomes more demanding. It's not so easy to impress them. In addition, frequently happen different changes of social media algorithms which badly affect profiles statistics.

We prepared a list that will help you not only to get out of the writer's block, but also to increase the audience engagement despite any innovations.
Favorite photo editing
This is perhaps one of the most favorite posts for the audience. Although on the Internet, you can easily find a hundred ways of photo editing, some still want to know the secret of photos creating from favorite bloggers. Uncover this secret to your followers and they'll be happy. By the way, if you make a post in video format, it'll have get reach.
The story of profile creation
Human nature always tends to reveal the secrets and desire to know details of other people's lives. Actually, this explains such popularity of social networks. Everyone can follow whoever he/she likes. There is no doubt that your followers are obviously interested in the story of profile creation. Tell them how you decided to become a blogger and achieve success in it. Maybe you can even inspire someone and add courage somebody who is afraid to start something new.
Story from your childhood or funny occasion
Almost everyone likes to read such stories. They cause positive emotions. After reading them you always plunge into pleasant memories. At the end of the post write that you want to read similar stories from followers. Or stories about funny occasions. You'll guarantee to get a lot of comments.

Each of us has hobbies: whether it's reading books, watching serials, listening to music or something else. If you are, for example, a movies fan, most likely, you have a list of the most loved, which you can review endlessly. Whatever it is, just share with followers your collection of something interesting and useful. Such a post will be unlikely unnoticed. And if you write that you expect similar recommendations from followers you'll get the active interactions with the post.
It can be one interesting and humorous question or a serious one which demands the more thoughtful answer. Also, it can be two different statements with the question of what your followers will choose. It all depends on your mood and imagination. The main thing is that questions should be non-standard and cause followers desire to answer them.

By the way, you can create a poll on what your audience likes best in your profile and vice versa. Thus, you'll understand what is better to avoid and what to focus on.
The truth or a lie
Write, for example, 10 sentences with facts about yourself. Make 3-4 of them false. Offer your followers to guess what is true and what is not. Promise to write correct answers in the next post. Give your followers a chance to feel like Sherlock. Thanks to this, you'll increase the audience activity, their interest to you and provide yourself with an idea for a new post.

About discovers
Bloggers have very interesting and dynamic lives: ongoing meetings, communication with different people, collaborations with brands. There is no doubt, that you always have a lot of discovery. Share with your followers something that impressed you for last month, week or just during a recent meeting with friends. And it doesn't matter what exactly it was: place, film, person or situation. It doesn't matter was this discover good or not. Just tell about it and you post will certainly cause emotions and reaction of your followers.
About the motivation
Followers value bloggers opinions and always anxiously wait for their advice. Undoubtedly, it'll be very wondering for them to figure out where you draw motivation and inspiration. Tell them how you overcome problems and difficulties. Followers appreciate sincerity and like it more than ideal posts.
Interactive post
Such posts frequently have a very high percent of engagements. Also, they don't demand a lot of time for preparation or flight of fantasy. It could be liketime, mutual following, SFS ("shout out for shout out", that is "mention to mention") or giveaway (quiz with prize) from you. Choose one of the most suitable variants, come up with your conditions and watch the big rise of the audience activity.

Think about an unusual topic for discussion. It should be something on which you can write often and which may be interesting to your followers. Make a weekly column and publish a post on this topic, for example, every Tuesday. The main thing is that the topic shouldn't be standard. Preferably, it should be something ambiguous that will cause followers resonance and the desire to start an active discussion in the comments. In that case, your followers will look forward to a new post every week.
A little bit about stories
When you make a new post you can intrigue your followers with the information about it in your stories. For example, make a video or write a small part from your text and offer them to find its continuation in your post.

Also, as now followers can ask your questions on stories you can use it for new ideas. Probably, you'll get a lot of similar question on thematics which are interested your audience the most. It's already can be an idea for a new post. Besides, you can ask them directly to write on what subject they want to read your new post.
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