5 ways to make an awful post for the brand

Dasha Samoylenko
To be a good influencer, you should work, develop and improve yourself. If you're tired of the audience attention and regularly cooperation requests from brands, we suggest a couple of ways to get rid of it all in one fell swoop.
Publish the brief
This is the best way to ruin everything. Why you should bother yourself exert effort, writing a post if you can just publish the brief. You know, it's even possible not to read it. Just make a copy-paste and you'll succeed. It doesn't matter what is written there, how it'll look like for your followers and what the client will say. And imagine how cool it will be if other influencers will do the same! It'll be a great campaign.

Publish the post before the start of the campaign
Why pay attention to the set dates? It doesn't matter that the launch of the product or service will be only next week. You can publish the post on the same day when the brand confirmed your participation. And better yet, if you publish a post without confirmation! You'll just simply lose money and ruin the campaign. But don't worry, you'll be able to stand out from the general mass of influencers. The brand and followers will highly appreciate your efforts.
Write an unsuitable text
It's not necessary to read the brief. Write what you want and how you want. There is no need to waste your time and come up with original posts. All your posts are written in a simple language and you easily communicate with followers? Forget about it. The post should look like an obvious advertising. As if the brand-manager login to your account and posted it.

Publish the post in the night
Why not? No matter what time is it, if the post is ready. Don't worry about the fact that no one will see it. Why you should think about the result, this is the brand's problem . You just need to make a post and get paid.
Write about things that you are not interested in
Your social network dedicated to the sport and healthy food? Why not make an advertising of a new bar? Everybody likes to relax, you are not the exception. No matter that you used to promote a healthy lifestyle and your followers looked up to you. Not worth the extra time to think that the product should get in touch with your interests and doesn't stand out of content. You need to earn, so you can advertise anything.

If you want to fail the campaign, just follow everything that is written above. But if you want to establish yourself as an influencer with whom brands should cooperate, never allow such mistakes. Participate in campaigns responsibly and brands will be glad to work with you.