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Influencer marketing is a kind of native advertising, implying the promotion of goods or services in collaboration with active social networks users.

Influencer marketing done right increases knowledge about your product, builds a community of loyal consumers, communicates your brand values in human language and through a trusted source

Goals you can reach with influencer marketing
Growing loyalty
As a trusted source for their audience influencers increase confidence and loyalty to your product advising it in theirs social media.
Content creation
Influencers communicate your key messages in an original and unexpected way. You get not only social media reach, but also a fresh look in content creation.
New product promo
Tell about releasing of a new product or launching of a service via influencers and get new loyal customers immediately.
Brand awareness
Use influencers to increase brand awareness and strengthen its position in the market.
Getting feedback
Providing your product or service for testing, you will receive an honest and objective feedback from influencers as well as from their audience.
Reaching new audience
Cooperating with influencers, you will easily reach an audience that has «immunity» to classical advertising.

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