YouTube Influencers: Too Influential to Ignore
Vitalii Malets
Content is what makes the Internet worth your time, it's the information that gives you the impetus for development from day to day. Admit it, you open your laptop and start browsing the Internet only because there is plenty of valuable information online for your head and you can have access to all of it with just one click. The Internet gives you everything you need and even a bit more! Apart from the valuable information, you get emotions, people to talk to, and instant answers to the majority of your questions.

Content makes the Internet pleasant, fulfilling, and valuable at the end of the day. As much as we need water to restore our energy, we also need relevant and engaging information to be in the swim.

All the answers to all your question are online: "What is a communication theory?" "How to build a rocket?" "Who are top YouTube content creators?" Speaking about YouTube, today it's one of the most popular resources for finding the information. YouTube content creators know how to fix the fence, cook the best apple pies, and make people laugh, for sure. Yet, it is interesting to find out why YouTube content is so much different from all the other content today, which is primarily textual. And what makes YouTubers so popular. That's the question to explore.

Social media experts can't come to the common conclusion about the reason for the YouTube popularity. They quarrel, build hypotheses, discuss online, and shoot YouTube videos only to come to the conclusion that there are more than one reasons why this channel is so popular:

First and foremost, YouTube is fun. Yes, we all need some injection of pure fun from times to time. That is why cat videos are so incredibly popular. YouTube makes us laugh that is why we love it.

It's 100% visual. Though social psychologists claim that people trust printed word more than any other type of media, we are doomed to choose visual information to all the other types of the stimuli. Our brain is wired to perceive visual stimuli and process them the fastest. That is why seeing something one is worth a thousand words. Seeing is believing.

Videos on YouTube is the fastest way to receive information. In 3 minutes an expert from Argentina can explain to you how to build socialism using a plastic bottle. There are tons of weird how-to-dos on YouTube. Somewhere there is the video you are searching for.

YouTube is never-ending. Your life is not enough to watch all the videos online.

YouTube is free. That's one of the main benefits of this social network.

YouTube is for creative people who are not afraid of experimenting. YouTube gives everyone equal opportunities to win attention and to get rich.

YouTube is so far the most effective media because it's the easiest for consumption. It's the closest to the natural human communication, despite the fact that instead of the dialogue we have a monologue of content creators.
In other words, YouTube is popular and there are plenty of reasons for its popularity. And those brands that want the attention of their users have to think twice before rejecting Youtube as a marketing channel. Using YouTube influencers in this context seems like a winning proposition.

How Many YouTube Creators Are There?

YouTube is incredible in its diversity. YouTube is like the ocean, the deeper you dive, the more corals and extraordinary fish you will finally discover underwater. There are video bloggers who explain to you how to peel corn, those who will enlighten you on how to learn Chinese in 1 month and those who will teach you to transform yourself in Angelina Jolie with the help of makeup.

YouTube is stunningly popular. More than 1 billion people watch YouTube regularly, it means that every third person on the Internet watched YouTube at least once. Every month people consume 6 billion hours of videos with the help of this channel. Everyday people watch almost 4 billion videos. And what is more astonishing, YouTubers upload almost 300 hours of video every single minute.

YouTube, unlike Facebook or Twitter, has a real global reach: most of the YouTube traffic comes from outside of America. Since the moment when YouTube was acquired by Google 12 years ago, videos are being translated into 76 languages. 70 countries have local versions.

With YouTube, the phrase "the media becomes the message" becomes more clear. YouTube is so far the easiest and the most pleasant way to learn anything for millions of people. It's the instant access to favorite videos and shows.

That is why there are so many content creators on YouTube. But how many are there anyway?

So far there are few tens of thousands. It's of course if we are speaking about those YouTube influencers who take content creation seriously. Which means that they have a fully functioning channel and they upload videos with some regularity. As for occasional YouTubers, there can be some more tens thousand. But these people appear, download some video on the channel and disappear. Real YouTube content creators can heat the interest of the public all the time by adding more and more interesting content and by changing all the time and adapting to the needs of their target audience.
What is a content creator for YouTube? It's the person who has created a channel with the unique and regular content dedicated to some specific topic. To understand what content gets the most attention, let's see who are the top YouTube creators right now:
PewDiePie is a gamer with an excellent sense of humor. Most of the time he tests drives various online games in the company of his girlfriend. This guy can boast with more than 63 million followers so far. Those who are searching for influencers in the gaming sphere can only dream about cooperating with him.
Shane Dawson
Shane Dawson is an American YouTube star who is also an actor, a comedian, and a really bright guy. He has only 14 million subscribers but they are all his loyal fans. Loyalty, after all, is one of the hardest things to reach in the modern marketing world.
Canal KondZilla
Konrad Cunha Dantas, known to the YouTube community as Canal KondZilla is a director who created more than 300 music videos so far. He is probably one of the most popular people in Brazil because he manages all electronic music production there. He provides his followers with the high-quality content and the excellent music for sure!
Whindersson Nunes
Whindersson Nunes is a Brazilian influencer who has 30 million people following him day and night He is smart, bright, and he knows how to make people laugh. His thing is the parodies, and he is feeling well having chosen this niche.
Justin Bieber
Everybody in the world knows Justin and his power over girls' hearts. Justin is the absolute star with 39 million subscribers and unlimited enthusiasm.
It is possible to make one simple conclusion out of this small list- popularity on YouTube are for those who know how to joke, sing, do some unique stuff like playing the violin and juggling at the same time. But what's most important is that popularity on YouTube brings millions of followers.
What YouTube Red Means for Content Creators?

YouTube remains up-to-date because YouTube is changing constantly. Last year the biggest video social media network of the world has launched a new subscription service. Unlike simple YouTube, this service is not free though potential customers can experiment with a free trial for sure.

YouTube Red gives more possibilities to both viewers and content creators:

  • More people will have a chance to watch videos without ads
  • Download the content they want to watch offline later
  • Preserve videos playing on the background on all the available devices
  • Use Google Play Music
Have access to all the top YouTube content creators.

YouTube Red means that influencer marketing will get a new plot twist. It will be much easier to reach a specific target audience online since people will be more selective in choosing a channel because people are always more selective when it comes to paying.

It also means that brands who want to give influencer marketing a try should definitely consider YouTube, the most popular, the most viral, and entertaining social media out of all of them.
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