Worst Influencer Campaigns. 5 Fails You Should Avoid

Keep in mind these bad influencer marketing examples when working with influencers to make your campaigns effective
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Successful examples of influencer marketing campaigns look so organic and natural that it's almost impossible to recognize them. So, if you identify a post as an ad, it's a kind of an influencer fail.

But this article is not about this kind of nuances. All in all, direct ads may also be effective.

It's about how to make a really bad campaign. Here's the list of the worst influencer campaigns ever.

1. Write the Post Instead of an Influencer

You are the customer of the advertising campaign. You know your audience, and you know for sure what they need. So, you will never rely on the creator's experience and trust him this important task.

Be sure to check the influencer's text and make as many edits as possible. And what's even better, write the text yourself to make it look like a press release or an advertising message.

The influencer and his audience will appreciate your efforts — and almost certainly the advertising campaign will be ineffective.

2. Launch the Campaign as Late as Possible

You are a very busy person, so you don't have time to plan your campaign in advance. Try to run it a couple of days before the deadline. Or even later. The later, the better.

Professionals always know what to do, don't they?

So, don't give the creator time to prepare, to understand the subject and consider the post — make him publish it right now!

Even more effective way to spoil the campaign will be launching all posts in one day. It doesn't matter how paranoid it will look in the feeds of your target audience — after all, your information is worth the attention!

3. Be Rude

Show creators, who is in charge! Your money — your rules.

Speak shortly. Don't answer the questions (why do they distract you all the time?) Just. Make. Them. Do. It.

And of course, demand positive public feedback about your product if you decided to send them a gift. It's their obligation, even if they don't like it.

This will cause your long-term relationship with an influencer fail, but you will get what you want. Right?

4. Be Greedy

Do you need to conduct a campaign for a product or service? Perfect! Send an influencer a description or a photo, in no case providing any samples or an opportunity to use a service for free.

Creators don't necessarily have to test what they'll write about. And if they really need it — let them pay, like anyone else.

And of course, always bargain with influencers, reducing the cost of their work to zero. What's so difficult to make a post on Facebook? You make them yourself, 5 per day! If especially stubborn creators refuse to work for free, move on to the next point.

5. Be Obtrusive

If you need to pay influencers for their work — squeeze out everything you can.

First of all, require that an influencer posts to all their social network profiles, not just to the one you discussed at the very beginning. And also, ask them to put your ad message into their Skype status, email signature and WhatsApp profile.

Whatever the result, call the influencer 10-15 times a day, starting from 6 AM to the late evening, and spend 15-20 minutes talking about nothing. Ask questions about the progress of the preparation, give them highly valuable (yet unsolicited) advice, ask for changes in the posts they already did.
The creator should fully work out his fee!

Following these bad examples of influencer marketing, you will get an absolutely failed campaign, a terrible reputation, and the maximum number of dissatisfied influencers.

If your goal is the opposite — do the opposite. Build a positive relationship, trust the people you work with, appreciate their time and efforts they are making — and your efforts will pay off.

Don't repeat the mistakes. Launch the campaigns on Publicfast.
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Dasha Samoilenko
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