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Who is a Digital Content Creator
— or Influencer —
and Why Do Brands Search for Them?

Collaboration with content creators is a new wave in digital marketing which brings impressive results
Do You Want to Promote Your Brand
With Social Media Influencers?
Influencers or digital content creators are the most discussed social phenomenon of the year. Brands search for them ready to pay and it's not uncommon when a cute girl makes good money on Instagram.

They are not bloggers anymore, and not celebrities yet. Most often they are people with beautiful pictures on Instagram or a popular channel on YouTube. They teach their audience how to dress, how to makeup, and how to travel — and they don't even always have professional expertise in their field. They just maintain their social networks and share their thoughts.

Thousands of people follow them, like them, and listen to their opinions. So, there's no wonder brands successfully cooperate with influencers for promotion.
Such spheres as digital marketing and SMM are very young. In fact, they are just starting to develop, and trends change with the speed of light.

In this ocean of new phenomena and trends, we didn't notice how content creators became an integral part of the online marketing process.
Who are Content Creators and Influencers?
For the majority of people the terms "digital content creator" and "influencer" don't mean anything concrete. Yet it turns out that many of us consume tons of information created by them on a daily basis. Funny, isn't it? Some people read Twitter, others are addicted to YouTube videos. And of course, lots of people check their newsfeed on Facebook 2 times an hour, on average.
So, What Is a Content Creator?
An influencer or content creator is somebody who has genuine skills for engaging audiences and producing quality content: copywriting, content management, making photos, and editing. And of course, you can't forget about video bloggers. Youtube is getting more and more popular so modern content creators are supposed to know how to shoot videos, create subtitles and edit sound.
Ready to Promote Your Brand
With Influencer Marketing?
And all this content which is daily consumed by billions of people is generated by creators. They can easily write a good text, make an original photo or an interesting video. They know how to create an image and stick to the same style.

Emotions, sincerity, and quality addictive content — that's what attract audiences.
How Do Content Creators Make Money?
112 million people follow Kim Kardashian on Instagram, and for the most of them, she is the absolute authority and the undisputed opinion leader in terms of fashion trends. A huge number of followers contribute to the growth of the stellar ego of Kim. And, what is even more important, monetize her popularity. Kardashian promotes her own cosmetic brand Kkw Beauty's and does some occasional advertising from time to time. According to the British Glamor, one advertising post on Kim's page costs $500,000.

That's the top of influencer marketing level — and the answer to the question "How do content creators make money?" They also create content to advertise brands.

However, if you analyze the promotional posts of Kardashian you will see that they differ from the usual advertising. There are no calls-to-action and pushy descriptions. All you can see are hashtags and mentions that appear accidentally on purpose — as if Kim would tag her sisters or her favorite makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic.
This "unobtrusiveness" is the main principle of influencer marketing: promotion of brands and their products with the help of celebrities, but without the direct advertising format. It's more like expert recommendations — and it works.
And a Few Marketing Statistics on Influencers
According to a publication on Adweek:
  • 50% of all bloggers that create content for brands have appeared in the past two years, and a third of them — just a year ago or even less;
  • 95% of all influencers are women;
  • 44% of them do blogging not only for profit but also for pleasure;
  • 23 % use social networks to "express themselves";
  • and 12 % — to "inspire others."
Social media influencers on social networks are showing up to replace real-life celebrities. Sometimes they have even more influence on people's minds because social media makes people feel closer to those they are speaking with. But of course, the celebrities who join the two roles benefit most.
Why Should You Pay Attention
to Micro-Influencers
A huge number of fans on social networks are an important condition of success, but not the only one. Micro-influencers are at the crest of the wave today, as they are more affordable for brands who want to advertise, and at the same time are no less powerful if employed together.

They are bloggers or ordinary users of social networks who have thousands, but not millions of followers. What are their benefits, except for a lower price of advertising?
  • The "quality" of followers. Usually, we make friends with people who share our interests. So, if your social media page is about beauty, business, traveling or whatever else, probably most of your readers are interested in the same.
  • The trust factor. It's simple: if you have, say, 5,000 to 10,000 of followers, there's a big chance that many of them know you personally (live or online) and would trust your advice — better than even a celebrity, in many cases.
  • The reach. The more followers you have, the lower is the percentage of regular readers and vice versa
    Some Statistics on Micro-Influencers
    for Brands
    The effectiveness of micro-influencers for marketing in comparison with bloggers who have millions of followers is noted by the economic publication in The Startup. They write that:
    • the posts from micro-influencers receive 60% more involvement;
    • they operate on average 7 times more effectively;
    • and 22 times more often their posts become a reason for discussion.
    So, often 10 micro-influencers may be more effective for a brand's advertising campaign than one celebrity. And that's good news for brands.
    Do You Want to Benefit From
    Influencer Marketing?
    How to Become a Digital Content Creator
    and Influencer?
    It doesn't matter who you are after all: an actor and producer like Mark Wahlberg (9.1 million followers), known to the whole world, or a micro fashion blogger like Chiara Ferragni (13 million followers), familiar only to those who are actively interested in fashion. They both are influencers because they created high-quality content. But, of course, they perform in different weight classes.

    One may become an influencer and make money on your social media account, if:
    • the number of your followers reaches at least five (and preferably six) zeros;
    • you choose a topic and dedicate your page mainly to it;
    • your statistics are good (people read, like, share, and comment on your posts).

    And here are some tips that might be useful for creating attractive content and gaining popularity:
    • Post regularly. At least once a day for Facebook, and at lest 3 times a day for Instagram.
    • Be stick to your topic. 80% of your content should be dedicated to the main subject you chose.
    • Texts should be consistent, interesting, and written without grammatical mistakes.
    • Pictures should be high-quality.
    • Find your style. Your content should be strikingly different from all the rest of the existing content.
    • Appeal to emotions. The content should provoke discussions and emotional response. That's what makes posts popular.
    • At least from time to time, post useful content with your expert opinion or advice ("How-to posts").

    The sphere is not important. The quality and the frequency of delivery are the things that matter.

    Vitalii Malets
    Create Successful Campaigns With Social Media Influencers
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