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Content is the King. What Are Content Creators Then?
Vitalii Malets
Marketing Director
It's predictable to start the article on content with Bill Gate's phrase "content is the king", but we'll still do it. To make you understand how serious all this is: if the richest man on Earth (he was from 2009 to 2016 according to Forbes) says that content is the king than you'll believe in it more likely than you'll believe us. No doubt.
Content is essential for our survival in a modern world: it helps us to adapt to changing conditions of the environment. As much as we want some fresh and juicy food with vitamins and nutrients, we want to feed our brains with daily portions of interesting, emotional, and useful information. We've got used to receiving a lot of sensory information but to make out brain work like a Swiss watch, we need some relevant information about the world around us. That's the basic law of adaptation. That's why we read newspapers, watch TV, scroll Facebook news feed in the attempt to catch something valuable among first. We consume all types of content all the time we are awake. It can be visual content, such as movies or TV shows or YouTube videos, audio content, such as songs or podcasts, and it's also textual content, such as books, magazines, newspapers.

Yet the majority of us are pretty sure that the juiciest information available today is on the Internet. And they are quite right. It's indisputable: the Internet has become a global conscious mind: news spread there with a speed of a rocket, and videos get viral within hours. If you want to catch up with the latest trends, you need to be online all the time. The Internet can connect you to a diver on the Philippines and to a hikikomori guy from Japan. The Internet is definitely almighty. And the most important is that the Internet is able to provide us with as many information as we want. But what information do we want?

And there appears a problem: in the age of the Big Data, there is so much information that it's easy to get lost. We all want to find something unique, something topical, and something valuable at the same time.
We all want to consume the content that we can share with our friends and colleagues. That's why we go for influencers. They can choose the most valuable information for us.
Influencers have a magic skill to filter all the information online and choose the one that fits us the most. At some point, it's possible to say that influencers reflect individualities of people. That is why influencer marketing is so effective: it resonates with customers on a deep emotional level. Influencers seem to analyze tons of information online and provide us with the essence of it regardless of the topic. Travel influencers share with us their brightest emotions and show us the most attractive spots. Beauty influencers teach us to use body-care products wisely, fashion influencers provide us with insights on style. They squeeze the essence and lead us through a long journey of irrelevant topics directly to the goal: that is why we love influencers so much.
Content is the thing that fills the vacuum of existence. So you see, influencers attract millions of followers by following the dreams of others.
Travel influencers are those who can take our breath away with their incredible photos and encounters. Travel influencers are not afraid to quit their well-paid jobs and go on a journey. They know how to work on a beach and on the plane: they can always find Wi-Fi to share their brightest shots with their target audience. Travel influencers seem to live the dream of the millions of people, they serve as motivators to those who feel anxious even thinking about quitting their stable job. Yet it is not as easy as it seems.
Yet most travel influencer, like this 29-year-old American, says that working and exploring the world is a real challenge which consists of networking, believing in oneself, and solving lots of problems. She has to experiment a lot with different types of social media to remain in the spotlight: when she started her blogging, it was all mostly about Twitter, today Instagram is her major inspiration. Yet her short videos and Instagram posts inspire millions of people to travel more. That's why travel bloggers can cooperate smoothly with travel brands, clothes brands, hotels, restaurants. Brands can contaminate their target audience with influencers' desire to experiment and try new products. Travel bloggers rule: they inspire, motivate, and change people's lives after all.
Beauty influencers are also very persuasive today: they manage to create the atmosphere of beauty and grace wherever they are. That's why they often become the mediators between cosmetics brands and customers because they aren't afraid to test various products on themselves. They show common people how to look great in any situation and how to enjoy one's body truly. Beauty influencers are powerful. Forbes analyzed top 10 American beauty influencers from the last year to conclude that they totally reach 135 million people via different channels. Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube remain the most popular channels for beauty influencers so far. Reaching potential customers via beauty influencers is providing them with real experience of the brand. What is the purpose of writing long articles on lipsticks and mascara when beauty influencers can show the whole experience of makeup transformation? Interesting is that micro-influencers seem to be even more persuasive in the beauty sector.
Fashion influencers are among the most popular modern content creators. They are bright, attractive and mind-shattering. It seems like everyone who has a style can become a fashion influencer. They inspire people to change their image, to experiment with clothes and haircuts. That's why clothes brands will gain a fortune in cooperating with fashion influencers. No surprise most clothing brands, such as Chanel or GAP invite fashion influencers regularly. They can reach millions with a single post because the majority of us struggle to find our own style. Fashion influencers serve as role models to people who want to emphasize their uniqueness and learn to look great in any situation.
YouTube influencers are especially popular among generation Z and Millennials. Video content is the easiest to consume because it doesn't require additional efforts: no need to read or to study anything. Turn the video on and consume. Modern kids know how to do it intuitively: they shoot each other on their smartphones and upload videos on YouTube as easily as they find their favorite cartoons online. If you want to reach kids online with your brand's message, place a bet on YouTube especially because there are many kids-influencers. For instance, in the list of the richest YouTubers, there is a 6-year-old millionaire. To long story short: if you produce kids' goods and you want to increase your target audience, YouTube influencers are for you.
Content creators share their daily lives with millions of people. They tell stories of their lives unable to cover something or to adorn something. And despite a technological progress and different entertainments, people adore listening to stories told by others. More than that, content creators do it artistically: by making the best photos and by searching the most accurate quotes. Personal stories attract attention, inspire and motivate. They feel the void of human lives and hint that everything can be different, can be a bit better.
If you want to tell the story of your brand, you need to intervene it into a real human being's story. And influencers can help you with it.
Brands often struggle to build emotional bonding with customers. That's why content creators can be very useful to them. Content creators emotionally connect with the audience: they evoke sympathy, joy, envy, laughter. They inspire and admire. Influencer marketing platforms can help you to choose the best influencer for the brand. Elaboration of an influencer marketing campaign, leading it, and generating the desired ROI is what influencer marketing platforms can do for your brand relieving you of any stress.

Thus, brands making clothes and cosmetics will benefit from the cooperation with fashion or beauty influencers. Travel influencers will be useful to travel agencies, clothing brands, hotels, restaurants. Youtubers can reach millions with a clear and concise message, and brands targeting at kids should think about cooperation with YouTubers.
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