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7 ways of collaboration with influencers to make your campaign more effective
The advertising world is changing all the time. Something that gave excellent results yesterday, today cannot capture the hearts of consumers with the same effect. And even such powerful method of promotion as influencer marketing requires new strategies.

Earlier, everything was limited to standard influencers posts with the mention of products/services. In the case of the right influencers selection, this format continues to bring good results. But the Internet is filled with an incredible amount of content for every taste now. To drum up the audience interest and stand out from competitors, it's advisable to try relevant and original formats of cooperation with influencers.

We'll share with you 7 ways of collaboration that won't only attract the audience attention but also make the campaign more effective.
Giveaway/Discount coupons
With the appearance of a huge abundance of brands, people have become more demanding and pampered. For brands, it's becoming more difficult to maintain the interest of potential consumers and especially for those who haven't taken a strong position in the market yet. It's preferably to constantly remind the audience about yourself, even if there is no particular reason. Сontests or discount coupons is the perfect idea for this. Decide what products/services you are ready to give to the winner or create special discount coupons, and then ask appropriate influencers to tell their followers about it.
What you can get by using this format: you'll attract a large active audience, make a boom around the brand, increase the loyalty to it and sales. Moreover, influencers followers most likely will share the information about the contest or coupons with their friends. This, in turn, will create the word of mouth effect.
People like to identify themselves with bloggers. Therefore, they often choose exactly such products that influencers use. When influencers become brands ambassadors, they regularly present its products and broadcasts its image. Accordingly, followers inadvertently begin to identify themselves with the brand. The presence of ambassadors adds to the brand solidity and so-called personification, thanks to which consumers are even more imbued with the loyalty to products.
What you can get by using this format: ambassadors increase brands awareness, improve its reputation and audience loyalty. It has a positive impact on sales. Ambassadors inform consumers about all brands novelties. The most important benefit of this format is that you get brands advocates who form a community of its adherents.
Product releasing
Need a news event? Create it by releasing the product with the influencer. Large and world-famous companies have used such a strategy for a long time, making celebrities the faces of their brands. This always has a huge success. But now it's not necessary to attract celebrities. You can choose one or several influencers who perfectly fit into your brand concept.
What you can get by using this format: by creating products with influencers, you'll get a fresh look at the brand and new creative ideas. Influencers know very well (sometimes even better than marketers) what their audience likes. Accordingly, you'll receive a product that people will undoubtedly want to buy and, in addition, a permanent mention of the brand in the blogger's profile. As such product will be limited, it'll cause a boom among consumers and help you to increase sales.
Live video/Campaign in stories
82% of social media users prefer video to text posts. People watch videos more willingly because it takes less effort than reading the text (especially if it's a long read). Video content often has both an entertaining and informative component. Brands products in live videos or stories look even more native than in the post, as influencers can demonstrate its usage completely unobtrusively. Concerning stories, it's a perfect solution because they have the best location in the profile. If there is a chance to miss the influencers post due to the new Instagram algorithm, it's impossible in the case of stories. With them, people will know about your brand for sure.

What you can get by using this format: direct interaction with the audience, the opportunity to convey the information about the brand and answer questions. Besides, it's a great way to stand out from competitors and establish a connection with the target audience.
At first glance, it may seem that this format of cooperation with influencers is suitable only for travel agencies, hotels and airlines. But it's far from true. This format is already used by many: beauty brands that make vacations in different countries with influencers for a few days; car companies that arrange bloggers trip across Europe on their autos; clothing brands that during such trips make photo shoots with influencers for their lookbooks. Influencers followers are fond of such campaigns. Bloggers create a lot of stories in their profiles, and this allows the audience to see backstage of trips and feel the effect of presence.
What you can get by using this format: firstly, regularly brands mentioning during the journey (and sometimes longer) in all influencers profiles. Secondly, a stunning visual content which you can use in the future in your official profiles (with the bloggers' permission). Besides, it'll increase the engagement of your target audience and attract a new one.
Lookbook/Fashion campaign
Who else if not influencers are the real trendsetters? Lookbooks with them will have a huge success. Influencers can bring their aesthetics to the brands' photo story, add a fresh look and perfectly convey the spirit of the brand. Also, it's an excellent opportunity to create a news event and cause a resonance, for example, by changing the influencer style.
What you can get by using this format: the possibility to draw mass media attention, reach a new audience and increase sales. Also, you'll get an exciting and high-quality content for the official brands' website and social media profiles.
Flash mob
Such a format of collaboration is suitable if you have a good news event, for example, new product release, concept changing or just a brands birthday. Flash mob from influencers is a direct call to action for the audience. You need to think about the main topic of the flash mob, come up with a unique hashtag and choose the most suitable influencers for your campaign.

What you can get by using this format: flash mobs with influencers help to reach a large audience, increase its engagement and generate a huge number of your hashtag mentions in the posts of ordinary users. In addition to influencers promotional posts, you'll also get indirect brand advertising.
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