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How to choose a social network for promotion
Ludmila Savina
Advertising on social media provides brands with the recognition and the ability to create interaction with consumers, increases the loyalty to product/service, boosts sales and traffic. There you can promote almost everything: whether it's a food delivery service, a company of building materials or a music festival. According to the last report of We Are Social and Hootsuite, 3 billion people around the world are actively using social networks. Accordingly, each brand can find its target audience in one of them.

The first question that arises before the advertising campaign launching is "on what social network it will be more beneficial?". To secure you from the agony of choice, we'll tell you which channel is best for promotion.
Where to start?

The target audience

First of all, you need to understand in which social media is concentrated a greater number of your potential consumers (target audience). For it's enough to look at the demographic indicators of each social network or analyze examples of your competitor's campaigns. In addition, you can create a survey among existing customers, for example, through the mailing. This will help to know more precisely what social media channel they prefer.

Type of the product/service

It's unlikely that you'll find a concrete mixer advertising on Instagram or a new line of liquid lipsticks on LinkedIn. Advertising of parties, leisure time services, beauty, sports, and art products is more relevant on Instagram. While advertising on LinkedIn and Twitter are more popular among companies from the financial, automotive, construction and educational spheres. Facebook and YouTube reach the largest audience among people from a wide variety of industries. Therefore, on these channels, you can promote almost any kind of goods or services.


Think about what do you want to get by launching an advertising campaign and in what format it should be. Let's take a closer look on how and why it's better to use a particular social network.
According to statistics, Instagram is the leader in reach among all social channels and has 800 million active users per month. 59% of them are people between the ages of 18 and 29. If you are planning to create visual content for your brand, this social network is the most suitable. You can easily attract a great audience attention through high-quality and creative photos. Also, here you can make interesting videos and use stories, which will constantly remind followers about you because occupy the most favorable location on Instagram. Even if your photo lost in the user's feed, with the help of stories you can notify followers about new posts or add a link to the official brand website. And this, in turn, will increase the traffic.

Collaboration with Instagram influencers will allow you to efficiently establish contact with potential customers. This will have a positive impact on the audience trust to the brand. You can increase the involvement of the target audience and show that you value their opinion by responding to comments under influencers posts about your product/service. In addition, influencers provide you with a unique and creative content that you can use in the future. Their advertising posts always contain an interesting text. Such publications are gaining more reach than just images.
2.2 billion — the total number of active users. The main audience is people between the ages of 25 and 34. Facebook is considered as the most universal social network for promotion. But most of all it's suitable for advertising of building and automotive companies, services, conferences, educational courses, and projects. Although, the promotion of cosmetic products can also be very effective. Unlike Instagram, Facebook is more focused on text than on the visual component of advertising posts.

Advertising on Facebook with influencers is the most effective. In this case, you have much more chances to increase brand awareness. Unique influencers' posts will help you to stand out from competitors and attract the attention of the large target audience. The best idea is to ask influencers not just to make ordinary posts with photos but to make videos. Today, video content is the most popular and users don't miss it. 76% of marketers claim that this type of content helped them increase sales and traffic to the website.
This channel is actively used by 1.6 billion people. 37% of them are between the ages of 18 and 34. Youtube is the best platform for videos publishing. There you can find almost everything: from training videos to entertaining. Accordingly, here you can promote whatever you want. YouTube is one of the best ways for advertising because the future is for video content.

But brand promotion on YouTube on your own is very long and energy-consuming process. Advertising with influencers will save you from difficulties and be very profitable. For example, quality influencers don't just tell about the product or service in their videos. They use non-standard approaches for it and play up advertising in such unusual way that followers don't even have a desire to rewind the video. Therefore, if you want to get a mini-story about your products in video format and get the increased interest of your target audience — YouTube influencers are exactly what you need.
Choose a social media channel and create a campaign with influencers
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