Finally: Now you can Sign in through the Instagram

As you could see, we redesigned Publicfast. Changes have affected not only the design of the platform.

We listened to the wishes of influencers and added the possibility of authorization on the platform not only through Facebook but also via Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

There are also not very pleasant news for some influencers. We limit participation in campaigns of creators with low influence level. You will see current offers from brands if at least one of your social account corresponds to these parameters:

- Facebook: rating over 60;

- Instagram: at least 5,000 subscribers;

- Twitter: at least 5,000 subscribers;

- YouTube: At least 1,000 subscribers.

If not - alas, you need to grow up a bit.

That's not all! Soon you can connect your LinkedIn profile and participate in campaigns there.

We listen to advices and wishes of our influencers. If you have something to say, write to