Sorry not sorry:

We "cleaned" the list of influencers and left only the best

As you may have noticed, we have updated the Publicfast. Now we have not only a new design of the site but also a qualitatively different approach. We limited access to the influencers with a low level of influence.

So now you could cooperate only with the best of them. In campaigns can participate just influencers who have:

- Facebook rating 60 and higher;

- Instagram: at least 5,000 subscribers;

- Twitter: at least 5,000 subscribers;

- YouTube: at least 1000 subscribers.

Active influencers, we are obliged to indicate the geolocation and categories of interests clearly. This will help brands to achieve the most effective results of the campaign.

Soon you will be able to conduct campaigns on LinkedIn. And since May you could use the new feature – see detailed analytics of influencers' audience. You will have access to information about age, sex ratio, country/city and the interests of creators' subscribers.

We listen to the advices and wishes of our customers. If you have something to say, write to