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How not to spoil your campaign before its launching
Ludmila Savina
At the time when people practically don't let their smartphones out of their hands, actively monitor bloggers on social media, make purchases according to what they saw on the Internet, it's not surprising that influencer marketing is the main advertising strategy for brands now. Moreover, this type of promotion is very good and convenient because the main part of the work lies on influencers. But even using such an effective and simple strategy, you can slightly spoil campaign results. We're going to tell about the main mistakes that shouldn't be made during the campaign creation to make it right.
Incorrect brief
Brief – is the foundation of your campaign and 50% of its success. Brief creation won't take a lot of time and efforts. And what is more, making it right and clear, you'll protect yourself from possible problems in the future (misunderstanding with influencers, their unwillingness to participate in the campaign, incorrect task implementation).

Some brands understand the meaning of the brief too literally and make it really short, limited to one or two sentences. Actually, the brief should combine the brand description and instructions for influencers. It shouldn't be too long, describing the entire history of your products creation. So you don't have any difficulties at this stage of the campaign planning, we have made a list of things that should contain the right brief:

  • Short and clear information about your product/service
  • Clearly formulated goals
  • A step-by-step task for influencers
  • Hashtags, links, stop words

Above all, don't write a text for influencers, don't ask them to publish template posts. The campaign effectiveness, the reputation of influencers and your brand will suffer from it.
Choosing inappropriate influencers
Many brands sometimes make the same mistake: they pay attention solely to the audience size of content creators. Of course, when brands see several hundred thousand or even millions of influencers followers, they impressed and think that all these people will become potential consumers of their products. But according to the statistics, 82% of people trust micro-influencers recommendations more willingly. It's not necessary to attach great importance to extremely large numbers. Influencers with a smaller audience can have more impact on consumers. The most important thing to consider while influencers selection is the relevance of their audience to the target audience of the brand.
Unwillingness to give products for testing
To make a good advertising, influencers should understand what they are going to work with. This is particularly true for new products of little-known brands that are just emerging on the market. If bloggers agree to promote such products without testing it, it should alert you. Qualitative influencers who really have followers trust won't make it. Because if products aren't be very good, they have a risk to ruin their reputation and lose followers.

In addition, having products for testing, influencers can make advertising posts more creative and interesting. The usage of ready-made products photos is an old option. Posts with author's photos of each influencer will attract more audience attention and will look native. Moreover, recently video content is gaining huge popularity. 79% of consumers prefer to learn about products exactly from videos. People better react to such format of advertising and make purchases more often.
Wrong campaign lengths
Imagine such a situation: you open your favorite social media and see that your feed consists of almost identical posts about the same product. Rather suspicious, isn't it? At first, it may even seem that this is a social media failure or, even worse, that you're paranoid. Don't forget that everything should be logical and dosed. If all influencers publish posts about your products in one day, it'll look very strange. After all, one of the main benefits of working with influencers is that their posts are native and don't look like obvious advertising.

The campaign duration, of course, also depends on how many influencers you selected and what you want to advertise. For example, in the case of the event, it's better to publish several posts once a week about a month before the event. For example, a week before you can re-launch the wave of posts with those influencers who have generated the best results. As for products/services advertising, you can set any campaign length but remember about the logic. If you choose more than ten influencers, 1-2 posts per day will be enough.
Wrong choice of social media channel
The last few years Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the most popular social networks for advertising campaigns with influencers. But this doesn't mean that by launching a campaign in each of them, you'll get an equally good result. It all depends on your products and the preferences of your target audience. While choosing a social network for promotion, many rely solely on its popularity. But not everything that can interest the audience on Instagram will also very interested the audience on Facebook. Before the campaign launching, you need to find out all the demographic indicators of your target audience and understand in which particular social network the majority of it's concentrated. If you doubt where to create a campaign, in this article we shared some tips which help you to make the right choice without difficulties.
Ignoring social network features
Sometimes a small and, at first glance, insignificant detail can greatly affect the result of the campaign. An excellent product, a properly composed brief, appropriate influencers are the main components of an effective campaign, but not the only ones. In addition to this, it's very important to get acquainted with all social media nuances, because each of them often undergoes various algorithms changes.

For example, making a re-post from the official brands' page by influencers on Facebook will receive much less coverage than their author's posts about the brand's products in their personal profiles. Also, posts which contain a link to third-party resources, in this case, the official brand website will rank worse too. The best solution that will bring high reach is influencers posts about your products with a link to the official brand page on Facebook. You shouldn't require influencers to openly call followers to action in their posts about your products. In such cases, the organic coverage will decrease.

What about Instagram, you shouldn't ask influencers to add a link to your website or official page in their post about your brand, as it'll be impossible to follow it. And not everyone wants to copy it, open a browser and paste. In this case, it'll be better if influencers make a story about your brand. So they can attach a link to your website or page, and followers will have the possibility to follow it just by swiping up. Another important point: your website should be fully optimized for mobile devices. Instagram users often use this social network from smartphones. Therefore, if your website is not fully optimized, it'll spoil the audience impression and have not very good impact on campaign results.

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