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Updated list of influencers and filtering
We just released a new feature, where you can easily filter influencers in the campaign and list of the influencers with different options.
Also we made small change in the influencers social media views, so now you need to move your mouth to the right icon of the social media and see the latest posts and details, about their price and audience.
Featured materials
We know how hard to use new tools, especially when you don't have any free time during the day.
That's why we created small step-by-step instructions how you can use Publicfast.

Vitalii Malets
New Chapter for Publicfast
For years we've been trying to help brands, influencers and creators work with strait rules in simply form.
Right now we are moving few steps forward to deliver the best experience where both sides will receive most exciting experience, with new Publicfast.
The best thing about Publicfast is that it's easy to use. You really only need one day to start the campaign.
Publicfast offers clear and detailed analytics after the end of the campaign, which is extremely helpful.
Ross Knap CEO at CallPage, Forbes 30 Under 30
Welcome to the team Oleksii Vykhor
Great news, Oleksii joined the Publicfast team.
From now on, we are going to deliver more results, as we can double development power)
Publicfast has heavily filterable list of social media influencers to find and connect with, that matches campaign's need
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