Is celebrity influencer marketing dead?

Maria Fitzgerald
Sooner or later brands recourse on the help of influencers in their promotion strategies. Earlier everybody tried to get posts from celebrities with a million army of fans. But now marketers started to work with micro-influencers more often.
According to the Veloce agency research in 2017, 82% of consumers more willingly follow recommendations from micro-influencers.
Markerly study was found that Instagram posts of these influencers have the greatest involvement and the most comprehensive coverage.
Micro-influencer — is the leader in a certain category of interests (beauty, fashion, lifestyle, sport etc). The number of their followers is ranging from 1K to 100K.
The secret of micro-influencers` effectiveness

Firstly, each account of influencers has a unique style, so they are able to tell about your product or service with a non-trivial point of view.

Secondly, working with micro-influencers, you can spend the same amount of money as on the one celebrity, but gain much more engagement and trust of the audience.
Successful cases
In the USA the cosmetic brand Clinique has invited 37 micro-influencers to tell about the launch of a new line of men's products through the Instagram. In the advertising campaign, the brand has gained 67 000 engaged users and 2.4 million interactions with posts of influencers. Engagement rate of the campaign was 3.8 times higher than the engagement on the official website of Clinique.
The largest online-service in Ukraine PokerStars, which can afford to attract popular celebrities, resorted to the help of micro-influencers. They chose 45 micro-influencers in the Publicfast. PokerStars managed to get total reach of 260 000 users. On average, each participant of the campaign led to the game 8 new users.
If you want to increase brand awareness, the cooperation with celebrities can be a good variant. But if we are talking about increasing royalty to your product, get a feedback or attract people to the event, it is better to apply to micro-influencers.
This year creators of the eco-project "Green school" organized events in Kiev and Odessa. They wanted to attract a new audience.

50 micro-influencers generated total campaign reach of 150,000 users and over 5000 clicks on the registration link. for "Green school".
You should choose influencers depending on the task that you establish in your promotion strategy
There are three important questions
you should answer before the launch of an advertising campaign with influencers:
What kind of consumers do we want to attract?
For whom trusts my target audience?
What content will be in the harmony with my audience and influencers?

In everything else will help Publicfast