Publicfast. How to Start Using an Influencer Marketing Platform

Do you want to start doing powerful influencer marketing with Publicfast? Check out this guide to learn all the details and launch your first successful campaign!
Are You Ready to Start Your Campaign on the Largest Platform for Influencer Marketing?
Publicfast is an influencer marketing tool that helps brands effectively advertise on multiple social networks at once. It's user-friendly and easy to use.

Large worldwide corporations, such as Nescafe and Whatson's, use Publicfast to access the best influencers worldwide. The comprehensive database of influencers is why the platform also attracts smaller companies.

Further, we'll show you how to start using an influencer marketing platform.

How to Register and Start Using Publicfast


Before you start working with Publicfast and find influencers to collaborate, you need to register in the system. The process doesn't take more than a couple of minutes because you only need to fill out a simple form.

Complete the Profile

Apart from the login information, you should also specify the brand name, website, business location, and other basic details.
PublicFast registration form
Once you complete registration, the platform will automatically take you to a screen that serves for initiating a marketing campaign.

Before starting your first campaign, you can jump to the 'Profile' section and fill in the details about your brand and add contact information. We suggest adding the company logo and entering all the above-mentioned details in the Profile settings to increase the credibility of your account and find the influencers easily.
PublicFast account details
Create a Campaign

Then go back to the campaign creation screen and add the details about your desired campaign:

  • Social networks — select social media sites where you want to promote the brand. You can choose between Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VKontakte, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Campaign details — pick the countries and cities where you want to commence the campaign, choose the topics related to your brand, and give your campaign a catchy title.
  • About Brand & Product descriptions — introduce your brand and the product or service you are promoting.
  • Tasks for influencers — specify your expectations from influencers concerning the campaign. It could be tasks like writing a review, posting an update, video, etc. You can even specify stop words if necessary.

Finally, pick the dates for running the campaign and click 'Proceed'.
Creating your first campaign with PublicFast
Choose the Package

Publicfast allows you to choose between three different packages:
Brings numerous features that can improve your paid campaigns for influencers.

  • Creating public campaigns with influencer selection and flexible budget;
  • Access to 100K influencers;
  • Creating cost-per-acquisition (CPA) campaigns;
  • Sending products to influencers for review;
  • Analytical reports;
  • Security.

10% service fee

Offers the basic functionality for managing a brand campaign.

  • Creating public campaigns with a flexible budget;
  • Post-campaign results report;
  • Security
25% service fee
The most comprehensive deal that allows customizing the set of features your company needs. You can develop a strategy that will work with influencers. The best influencer marketing campaigns in 2018 were designed this way.

  • Creating public campaigns with influencer selection and flexible budget;
  • Access to 100K influencers;
  • Creating cost-per-acquisition (CPA) campaigns;
  • Sending products to influencers for review;
  • Analytical reports;
  • Security;
  • Marketing strategy development;
  • Executive account manager support.
The price depends on the features of influencer campaign management your brand requires.
The paid packages allow you to create a campaign first, before paying for the service.
Publicfast prices for packages

What's After Registration?

By now, you know that learning how to start doing influencer marketing is easy with Publicfast. Publicfast was designed to be user-friendly, so launching a campaign shouldn't take long.

Your First Request

Once you have entered all the details of your first campaign, it is time to submit and process your first request.

Here is how this works:

  • Simple payments with credit cards — choose your desired package and publication price. The system supports major credit cards, and transactions are completely secure.
  • Selecting influencers — it is up to you to choose which influencer you want in your team.
  • Request processing — once you submit the request, the professional staff processes it as soon as possible.

Request Implementation

Fasten your seatbelts because everything is ready to start the influencer marketing campaign you requested!
The system will send notifications about the work results, and analytics for all your B2C and B2B influencer campaigns.

Depending on the results, you can relaunch a similar campaign, or make adjustments to achieve better results.
Ready to Promote Your Brand
With Influencer Marketing?

Benefits Of Using Publicfast to Promote Your Brand

Here is an overview of the benefits that Publicfast provides for brands that use the platform:

  • A simple process of finding influencers — the website enables brands to easily find influencers suitable to their needs.
  • Featured search — you can use various filters to search for the desired influencers that will fit your company best.
  • Post tracking and performance analysis — the system will provide a detailed analysis of an influencer's performance
  • Payments are results-based — the idea of the website is to maximize each cent you invest.
  • User-friendly interface — everything is quite intuitive, so you won't have trouble using the platform.

Now that you know how to start using an influencer marketing platform with Publicfast, would you like to see it in action?
It's always better to test something yourself and see practical results, rather than just listening about a product.
Create Successful Campaigns With Social Media Influencers
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