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How to Find Market Influencers?
Dasha Samoylenko
Why partner with influencers?
Influencers are the new buzzword in the marketing world. Have you tried creating influencer marketing strategy following the examples of Glossier or H&M? Yes, influencers existed as long as the civilization itself: people always needed someone to mimic and to copy. Yet, the day they become the channel for the brand communication everything changed. Today consumers want experiences more than they want goods because it's the age of the experience economy. It appeared naturally as a result of the society evolution, and now when the majority of basic human needs are satisfied, they ask for more.

It basically means that apart from buying goods and services ( they still need them) people want positive experiences and bright memories to share with their friends online. They need to be surprised, inspired, energized with the help of brands. They all look for for motivation, joy, moral support, good laugh apart from products and services. Today consumers want feelings and communication as much as they want material things.

That is why marketers, brand managers, and CEOs experiment with different types of strategies. Big companies realized that influencer marketing could be really powerful just several years ago, and started exploiting its potential to the fullest. The overwhelming impact of influencers is obvious, especially if compared with the traditional (boring in the language of customers) marketing channels that turn out to be more and more expensive and ineffective. More than that, marketers understood really well that modern consumers are bombarded with various messages from early morning to the late night and that they generally ignore those messages. Consumers, which is even more important, have low-level trust in traditional channels, such as social media ads, Google ads or ads in printed media. That is why they turn to content creators, influencers, those who are capable of delivering the company's message smoothly and effectively.

What is social media influencer?
Influencers are not necessarily the people who have millions of followers. This is actually one of the biggest misconceptions about them. The number of followers is important, but it's not as important as the consumers trust. Influencers are the people who shape the opinions of others and can actually change their behavior and thinking. Influencers can have just several thousands of followers but these followers will be extremely loyal. These thousand followers would buy the exact same car the moment they see their favorite star is driving it. For marketers, it means finding the person who will be an intermediary in the buyer's cycle and who will reduce it with just one post significantly.
Influencers are as effective as much reach, trust, and salesmanship skills they have.
Reach is one of the key factors of good influencers. The more people get influencers messages, the more impact marketers can have in the end. The readership of the publication, the followers of the channel, friends on social media are all those whom influencers can reach with their own messages. Or with the message of the brand. Reach is a valuable asset but take into account that micro-influencers are more respected in the world of marketing today. Trust of the followers is in most cases much more valuable asset than the reach. Market influencers who can boast high credibility will have a higher engagement rate even if they don't have thousands of influencers. Another advantage of good influencers is the communicative style that allows them advertising and selling things naturally. The best influencers have the magic power of convincing others, share their thoughts and opinions so that they really make an impact and change people's points of view.
Where and how to find influencers?
That's the question a marketer asks himself at the moment when he/she decides that he really needs to give influencer marketing a try. Yes, all digital marketing tools, such as SEO, SMM, PPC, email marketing, content is working and bringing some results. Yet, the sky is the limit in marketing and branding. There is always more that can be done. Today it's the influencer marketing strategy that most brands should try to amplify their business.

It may seem easy to find the right influencers for your brand promotion. Yet, there are lots of traps and pitfalls that can make influencer marketing more challenging. What is there are more than one? How many influencers should you check before reaching the One? Constant communication, control, ROI measurement - sometimes it seems that it's easier to give up this idea than to find the right one. Most brands that want to try influencer marketing strategy have to solve hundreds of small and big issues before finding someone reliable, trustworthy, with the relevant target audience and awesome salesmanship skills.

Luckily, there is a great choice of influencer marketing platforms, that can alleviate this task and make it faster and more effectively. What is the purpose of the platforms? Make the work with influencers really effective, fast, and bug-free.
How to find market influencers?
Some brands decide to find influencers on their own. But that is a very time-consuming and costly process. To reduce it you can choose an influencer marketing platform that could respond to all your needs. What are the features of a good influencers marketing platform?

  1. The platform must have a huge database of influencers as well as the experience in working with them. It means that the platform must be equipped with the team of professional communicators, analysts, and social media experts. Instead of teaching your team how to deal with influencers and wasting lots of time, you'll hire professionals who can cooperate with market influencers almost automatically.

  2. The communication must be coherent and clear. You must be able to see tangible results from your influencer marketing campaign. You know very well that the influencer marketing platform is as good as much ROI it can provide. Effective influencer marketing platforms give you a clear picture of the results.

  3. Cooperation with influencer marketing platforms is the possibility to spend less. Yes, the cooperation with influencers can be cost-effective if you address influencer marketing platforms instead of doing all the jobs on your own.

  4. Influencer marketing platforms must have effective analytical tools to provide you with excellent results. Analytics is the king in case of the influencer marketing. The better analysis of the target audience the platform can provide you, the better the results will be.

  5. They do the research which will consume your time. Yet in case of a good influencer marketing platform, this research will the basis of the effective marketing campaign.

  6. They know how to differentiate a fake influencer from a real one. It also takes time and skills. Because there are influencers with thousands of followers with no trust. The power of influencers is in their credibility and the ability to affect the minds and behavior of followers.

  7. They can deal with force majeure situations. Bad things happen, and bad things connected to people's unexpected behavior happen all the time. Influencer marketing platforms specialists know how to solve these problems and do it as easily as a pie.
Any successful influencer marketing campaign must be crystal clear and authentic. Followers feel fake very soon and instead of crying "Shut up and take my money" unfollow their star. Finding this influencer, engaging him/her in fruitful and regular communication, providing tangible results and dealing with unexpected situations – that's what an influencer marketing platform can help your company.

Of course, a good influencer is a key player in the game. Any influencer should promote the product not because he/she feels doomed but because of the genuine interest to it. In many cases, an influencer will shed light on positive as well as negative parts of the product making it open to any criticism. Yet, in such a case an influencer can make the product or a service more accessible to the public, more real in their eyes.

A good influencer is also sincere. Today sincerity is what sell things. With the right influencer, such a marketing campaign can be a real multiplier. It leads to better brand awareness and even advocacy in future. So to make influencer marketing campaign right, a brand must be ready to spend time and apply some efforts and time. However, the results can be overwhelming and exceeding all the expectations.
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