8 trends of influencer marketing 2023 that you can't miss out on

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The trends in digital marketing are very variable, but each year influence marketing is included in the list of TOP marketing channels with which it is important and necessary to work.

It is assumed that by the end of this year, influence marketing will become an industry with a turnover of $10 billion and it already has it's own trends in 2023, which we will consider below:
The clear trend in 2023 will be micro- and nano-influencers
Brands no longer want to pay $25,000 for posting on Instagram with dubious results. Of course, celebrities have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, but now this is not enough.

The leader's opinions must be heard and his audience must feel his competence and this happens when he is connected to a category, niche or brand.

Nano-influencers occupy a special place. Why will they be more popular: the price for their services is lower, they create high engagement and work more diligently on their audience.

Nano-influence can attract not the largest, but certainly the most loyal audience. Your brand will create hype at no significant cost to the brand.
Long-term partnership between influencer and brand
Now, one-time posts or stories are not enough to bring results, most brands need 6 to 8 touches or even more to sell the product.
You may also notice that if the opinion leader recommends buying very similar products, but different brands every week - the audience is skeptical about it.

This will work positively for the two sides - influencers will receive constant earnings from the brand and subscribers will trust him more. It will be beneficial for the brand, because it will receive constant support and communication with potential customers.
Influencers marketing platforms will become more popular
They will become a tool for most companies wishing to conduct their campaigns with influencers.

First, fewer firms are trying to use manual searches. This takes too much time and it is highly likely that your efforts will not succeed.
Secondly, why pay the agency to search for opinion leaders, if everything is automated and easy to configure in the platform now.

Moreover, you can see all analytics right after the end of work and you will control your budget, like Publicfast does.
Video and audio will be top formats
Now the content that contains the video reaches 135% more organic reach than any other formats. People now do not want to spend time reading and scrolling, they save it on watching videos.

Note: the consumption of mobile video content is growing at 100% every year and the head of Facebook predicted that by 2021 only video content without text would be on their platform.
Combining content marketing, influencer marketing and social media marketing
Until now, most brands and marketers have considered these areas as separate types of online marketing, but, in fact, this is already part of one whole.

Companies will continue to create content - blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts and guides. They themselves share this in the social networks of their company and will try to increase coverage, but they will also work with powerful superstars in their niche to create and share content with potential new clients.
Values are important
Now choosing an opinion leader for cooperation, it is important to pay attention, not only to the category of interests, but also to the values that OL declares in their profile.

It must convey your values in such a way that they can snag your potential consumer, otherwise, you will simply miss the target.
No more likes?!
Last May, Instagram likes disappeared in Canada and then it spread to several more countries, including Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand and more recently to the United States.

It is important to note that the likes will not disappear at all - rather, they will simply be hidden for followers, but users will still be able to view how many likes they received per post.

Brands that are looking for potential partners should pay attention to the number and quality of comments. It is important to make sure that they come from real subscribers.
New platforms
When you think about influence marketing, several well-known platforms come to mind, namely Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Although there is no doubt that they are the dominant platforms for influencers, there is no guarantee that they will remain at the top in 2023, as other platforms are on the rise.

Twitch is a streaming video service and a subsidiary of Amazon. Although, traditionally, this network was for gamers, now they are constantly expanding their scope to satisfy all types of activities and interests, including painting, cooking and music.

TikTok is one of the most visible social platforms that is constantly growing. Their natural virality has high potential, so TikTok has been gaining popularity every hour. People like the novelty of the format and the ease of use.