5 ways to fail campaign with influencers

Harmful advices for brand
Dasha Samoylenko
Сampaigns with influencers are becoming increasingly popular in social networks. You probably saw them in your feed.

Needless to say, if you identified the post as an advertisement, this campaign isn't very good. Successful examples of influencer marketing campaigns look so organic and natural it's almost impossible to recognize them.

But this article is not about them. It's about how to make a really failed campaign. For participants to curse you, the audience unsubscribe at the speed of light, and your message was perceived as negatively as possible. So.

Top 5 ways to mess up a campaign with social media creators
Write the post instead of influencer
You are a client and you know what should be written in the posts best of all. It is out of the question to tell creator the goal of the campaign, to consult and rely on his knowledge of his own audience.

Be sure to check the influencer's text and make as many edits as possible. And it's better to write the text yourself to make it look like a press release or an advertising message.

Influencer and his audience will appreciate your efforts. Almost certainly the advertising campaign will be ineffective.
Launch the campaign as late as possible and schedule all the posts for one day
You are a very busy person, so you don't have time to plan your campaign in advance. Try to run it as late as possible. If you are planning to promote the event, it's good to start the day before it, and better - day in day.

Don't give creator time to prepare, to understand the subject and consider the post - make him publish it right now!

Even more effective way to spoil the campaign will be launching all posts in one day. It doesn't matter how paranoid it will look in feed of the target audience - after all, your information is worthy of appearing everywhere at once!
Be rude
Show creators, who is in charge! Forget that these people are not your employees and they, in fact, don't owe you anything. Set more absurd frameworks and insist on their observance as rude as possible, because you do not have time for politeness.

If you sent a gift to influencers, demand a positive response, even if creator didn't like product or it didn't fit.

This will spoil the relationship with many influencers at once and help to achieve a total absence of posts in the campaign. And if you are very lucky, you'll also get negative feedback about yourself and your brand as a bonus.
Be greedy
Do you need to conduct campaign for a product or service? Perfectly! Send a description or a photo, in no case providing samples or the opportunity to use service for free.

Creators don't necessarily have to test what they'll write about! And if they really need - let them pay, like everyone else.

Always bargain with influencers, reducing the cost of their work to zero. What's so difficult to make a post in Facebook? You make them yourself 5 per day! If especially difficile creators refuse to work for free, go to the next point.
Be obtrusive
So, you still have to pay some influencers for the work. In this case, you need to get everything you can for your money.

Begin by requiring that, in addition to the agreed social network, creators have to place post in all others, as well as in the blog, Skype status and send it to all contacts in WhatsApp or Telegram, print on postcards and send to friends and partners.

After that, call the influencer 10-15 times a day, starting from 6am to late evening, and spend 15-20 minutes talking about nothing. Make an infinite number of edits to already published posts, ask to change the photo, add a link or completely rewrite the text, because now it seems not right.

The creator should fully work out his fee!

Thanks to these five simple tips, you will get a really failed campaign, a terrible reputation and the maximum number of dissatisfied influencers.

If your goal is the opposite, never follow these recommendations, but trust the people you work with, appreciate their time and efforts they are making.

Don't repeat the mistakes of others. Launch the campaigns on Publicfast.