How to become a social media influencer

and get paid for your posts
Dasha Samoylenko
Who is an influencer?

You might think it's a person with lots of friends and subscribers, thousands of likes and millions of video views. In fact this is not entirely true.

Indeed, there are digital celebrities and macro-influencers, but it's far from all kinds of influencers. Fortunately, there are still middle-, micro- and nano-influencers and they are becoming more popular.

So if you advise your friends restaurant or film and they listen to you, you can also start to cooperate with brands (no jokes!).

Are you ready to know the main difference between your social networks posts and paid influencers post? That's easy! They get paid, and you don't. But only for now!

Starting today, you'll find out how to earn money writing posts about brands you like and topics you're interested in.

How to become influencer and get paid for your posts? As easy as pie! You need to make a few simple steps - and you are there.
Find your niche
What are you good at? Choose several topics that interest you the most and focus on them. Of course, you can be an expert in everything. But let's be honest, influencers, who write about baby strollers, nuclear energy and rare Renaissance paintings raise some suspicions.

If you can't choose one or more related topics, it will be difficult to find both your audience and brands for cooperation.

Set up your social media accounts
After identifying your niche you should select social networks in which you are ready to make paid posts. The most popular among brands are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.
It is not necessary to focus on one thing. If you equally like to write texts, take pictures and shoot videos – feel free to use all of them. But don't forget about the time that takes high-quality content creation.

Perhaps you'll have to quit your job, stop meeting friends and forget how your parents look (just kidding).

Know your audience
You know who your subscribers are, don't you? No? Bad news: you can't write popular posts. To get a lot of likes and comments, you need to understand who you are writing to.

Learn which of your posts are more popular, how the audience reacts to humor, to serious texts, to different types of content. Determine the tone of voice that your subscribers prefer. Don't forget to interact with the audience - ask questions, respond to comments, actively participate in discussions. Ignore people and they'll start to ignore you. Nobody likes a one-way street.

Content creation
Now you know what's interesting to you and what your audience likes. It's time to make content! Cool, if you get likes posting selfie or a story about how you watched a program about a sloth. But if you want to become a real influencer, you should create content that meets at least one of the points below (because it's such content we all crave).

  • It useful for us or give us value

  • It inspires us to action

  • It reminds us that life is short

  • It reminds us that dreams come true

  • It makes us smile or laugh (or even cry)

  • It reminds us that really matters

  • It gives fresh point of view on common things
    Last but not least. Don't be too serious and fixated on getting likes and universal approval (surprise: it's impossible). Write, take photos, shoot for fun. Enjoy what you do and the audience will reach out to you, and brands will definitely want to work with you.

    Ok, now you have cool account with tons of awesome content and active audience. What's next? There are three options to inform brands that you are ready to work with them.
    The first option is to write in your social networks 'About me' that you are ready for cooperation
    Often practiced among macro-influencers, but not the most successful option for beginners. Why? Well, your audience may not be thrilled with this move.
    The second option is to contact your favorite brands and offer them to work together
    From this option, you should not expect much either. Brands launch campaigns with several micro-influencers at once. And likely they have no time to communicate with each of them directly.
    The third option and, in all modesty, the best one, is to register on a platform where brands themselves are looking for influencers
    Why it's ideal for the beginner? You save time and effort for searching brands, you can see campaigns to take part right now, you don't need to invent a post price (the platform counts for you), everything is automated and arranged for the most convenient cooperation with brands.

    Ready to join community of influencers all around the world and start to get paid for your posts in social networks? Glad to hear it!