Social media influencer campaign for holiday sales

ways to attract consumers
Ludmila Savina
Winter is a season of shopping madness. On the eve of Christmas, brands are making sales and it pleases consumers. But they can't entice people just with the only one sign "Sale". It's advisable to think through details in advance during Christmas sales organization.

A good variant is to run a campaign of Christmas sales with social media influencers. According to the study of Collective Bias, 60% of consumers rely on recommendations on social networks while shopping. If you create the campaign of Christmas sales with social influencers, you`ll guaranty get a good result. We have put together some ways that will help you with this. But first

When you creating the campaign with social influencers, you should focus on your target audience and its preferences. For good results, it is good to run the campaign for about few days before the start of the Christmas sales.

Additional publications on the day before the start won't be superfluous and bring a positive effect. Thus, you'll remind consumers about the validity of Christmas sales and they won't miss the chance to buy something at a reduced price.
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The interaction between users and brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook. Every day millions of people watch stories of their favorite bloggers. So this is a good way to attract customers to Christmas sales. You should think in what way you want to tell about the sale through instastories. But it`ll be better if you let to do it for influencers on its own and they'll do it creatively.

Also due to the fact that you can add a link to the brand's website to instastories, it helps to increase the engagement of an audience and sales.
It`s a great way to attract a lot of consumers because it's a direct call to action! Influencers` posts with such offers draw attention to people. This especially works in such cases when influencers put up a post with your products and indicate their personal promo code for followers. This tactic is very popular and significantly enhances consumer engagement.
We all know that people love contests and enjoy taking part in them. It works in your favor. Select products that you are willing to give away and ask influencers to tell about it in their posts on social networks. With contests, you'll attract a huge audience and create an active interaction. Even those who won't win will know that you make Christmas sales. And there is no doubt that they will buy something.

As you can see, you can tell about upcoming Christmas sales with the help of the influencer marketing very easy. Just choose the method that you like the most and influencers will help you realize it.
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