#6 Instagram Secrets to Follow if You Wanna Be a Pro

Top apps and websites that will help you make your Instagram profile notable and professional
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Fonts for Profile

If you want to make a quirky font at the head of your profile, you can use the resource called Mesletters. There you'll find a lot of fonts in different styles and choose the one that you like. Just go to the website, paste your text, select the font, and copy it into your profile.

Fonts for Stories

The next tool in our list of Instagram secrets. If you're tired of the standard font and you want to make your Instagram stories more engaging, then HypeType application worth your attention. You can not only add text to it, but also choose the style, color, effect, and speed. Besides, HypeType has the base of quotes and music that can beautify your stories.

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Music and Animation for Stories

The Flipagram app has everything you need for amazing stories: different brushes and effects, interesting emoji, and animations. Here you can not just edit your video, but also add popular music from the app base. Moreover, Flipagram determines the rhythm of the song and adjusts the visual effects that you choose. That is, your video, drawing or animation can move with the music beat.

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Animation for Photos

Do you want your photos to fascinate your followers? Add animated effects! The Plotaverse app allows you to create it on any part of the picture, whether it would be the sky, waves or, for example, your photo with balloons.

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The app 8mm named in honor of an 8-millimeter cine film. It was developed for the amateur movie and got the popularity in 1960. Photos and videos created in the 8-mm app make your shots look older and give them a lofty vintage style (like in the earlier clip of Lana Del Rey).

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Mistakes are not always a failure, sometimes they become an art. Glitch is graphical mistake on a picture when you can see a "rainbow" of different colors. And also, "glitch" is a type of art that uses this mistake. You can easily use this tool to feel like a modern artist. Just download the app, spend their some time and voila — you're a fashion and mysterious digital artist.

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