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6 Benefits of Instagram Influencer Marketing For Brands Promotion

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There's no secret social networks are booming, and brands benefit a lot from social media marketing. But there's one relatively new trend, which is influencer marketing — cooperation with popular people in social networks for the placement of a native advertisement.

This method itself (natural product placement) has been known for a long time and came from cinematography, but now it's transforming into a separate industry inside social media marketing. Just have a look at these statistics.
According to the Dive Marketing research, 39% of marketers are planning to increase their budget for influencer marketing this year. And it's for good reason.

We'll name 6 reasons why Instagram influencer marketing may be extremely beneficial for any brand.

#1. Great Influence on Consumers

By another research, 88% of consumers follow influencers' recommendations. Such a high rate is possible due to the relationship which is built between influencers and their audience. It's not just a one-side translation like a news feed, but constant communication and trust. Influencers' advice is important to their followers. Moreover, people actively monitor influencers' profiles, look up for advice and ask questions.

That's why influencers may become a great power in the role of a brands' advocates.
The creators of the Bejeweled game decided to attract new customers with the help of influencer marketing. Bejeweled made creative videos where bloggers couldn't keep their hands off the game. Also, influencers shared their photos and videos playing on their social networks.

As a result, the rank of this game in the top-chart of the iPhone games has raised from the 454th to the 135th. Also, the game moved from the 702nd to the 182nd place on the top-grossing app on the U.S. Apple App Store.

#2. Growth of the Brand Awareness and Audience Engagement

Whether you are a famous brand or a new one, you'll definitely encounter these challenges — the need for high (and higher) brand awareness and audience engagement. Instagram influencer marketing is a great option for both. Lotteries, coupons, and promo codes for discounts are tried and tested methods, ad they are still a safe bet. But of course, you need to think over the rules and pick influencers with a relevant target audience.
Daniel Wellington collaborated with influencers to raise awareness about their watches. Bloggers published creative photos on their social networks, placed coupon codes, and tagged the @danielwellington account. Influencers and other users generated more than 800,000 photos and videos on Instagram. The profit increased by 214%.

#3. Creation of Unique Content

If you need new advertising content for a brand, you don't necessarily have to appeal to a marketing agency. An experienced influencer will not only place your ads but also create content which will be natural-looking on their social media page and may also bring new fresh ideas to your campaigns.

You just need to set the task, and an influencer will create a unique and high-quality content that will meet the concept and goals of your brand. Besides publishing of the content on the influencer's pages, you'll be able to use it on the official brand's pages, if you like to.
The Chobani yogurt brand in the US wanted to increase the engagement of its audience. Influencers showed consumers, that they can use these products in different tasty ways. They published delicious recipes with the usage of Chobani yogurts on their Instagram profiles. These posts received 137 000 likes, 2 600 comments, and the total reach of the campaign amounted to 3 million people.
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#4. Establishment of Communication Between a Brand and Its Target Audience

Influencers may become a connection between a brand and its target audience. When you establish contact with customers, you receive honest feedback. This is one of the fundamental aspects of the development of your brand. Consumers will begin to interact with influencers' posts. In the discussion, you'll be able to see how people react to your product and what they want to change.

This will significantly bring you closer to your customers and will show that you really care about them and the quality of your products.
Chanel wanted to promote the launch of their new No. 5 L'eau perfume. For this, they chose the best beauty bloggers. Influencers went to a tour in the South of France, where the brand creates its perfumes. Bloggers shared posts about their journey and added hashtags: #newchanel5 and #chanelgrasse. As a result, the hashtag #newchanel5 had about 1,600 posts (bloggers' followers uploaded their own images) and received 900,000 likes in the first month of the campaign.

#5. Generating Sales and Boosting SEO

Instagram influencer marketing may effectively generate traffic to your website. Influencers just need to present your products in an original way on their profiles, add the link — and your traffic will instantly increase. In addition, such a campaign has a positive impact on SEO of the website. The number of clicks on your links increases, accordingly, improving the positions of your website in the search.
Bigelow tea brand chose influencer marketing for the promotion of their products. Some bloggers shared their recipes with this tea, others demonstrated how you can turn the tea's packaging into art. As a result, the audience engagement amounted to 32,000, and tea sales increased by 18.5%.

#6. Content Becoming Viral

Influencers content is rapidly spreading across social networks. If they create unusual posts with mentions of a brand, they will create stable interest among users. Followers actively like such posts, share them, comment, and add to bookmarks. And this directly draws the attention of the audience to the brand.
Fanta wanted to attract a new audience to its product and increase engagement. Instead of traditional advertising, they gave preference to influencer marketing. They selected the most famous influencers from YouTube and created a bright and dynamic video with them.

Every influencer shared photos and videos of the campaign on their social networks. As a result, Fanta reached more than a million engagements.
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